Fore !!! (Golf  Book 3) por Desi Northup

Fore !!! (Golf Book 3) por Desi Northup

Titulo del libro : Fore !!! (Golf Book 3)
Autor : Desi Northup

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Desi Northup con Fore !!! (Golf Book 3)

Book of golf jokes and golf humor. A COLLECTION of hilarious golf jokes, quips, quotes, one liners, and stories from pros to hackers, duffers and caddies and people that don’t even play golf, this book is sure to suit any golfer from tee to green. It is presented in an easy to read format and design with hundreds of illustrations. From a duck hook to slicing a banana off the tee, hacking your way down the fairway or putting your ball back off the green you don’t have to wait until the 19th hole to crack a chuckle just to remind golfers, sometimes, not to take the game too seriously. A strategically place joke can make more difference to the game than a dozen mulligan’s. There’s enough material in this authors 3+ book series to give every golfer the chance to laugh off those double-bogeys and three putts. This Collection of Golf Jokes & Quotes, Fairway Wisdom with Hundreds of Illustrations makes this a perfect gift for all golf fans whether they are players or not. Put away the scorecards and get ready for eighteen holes of laughter from the links, reflections from the back nine and long after you finally make it to the 19th hole. This book is a must for anyone that plays the game, whether they play it well or not.

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